Monday, 18 February 2008

Is Science the true art of photography?

Should photography be a precise and specialised science? Or, should photography be a expression of the soul? For me, it's about drawing, risk taking, trust, adventure, and exploration. For others, it's more about precision and knowing exactly how the image will appear.

In many images, exquisite attention to every detail is required, with specialised lighting, highly crafted backlighting, and the work must be created in the controlled environment of a studio. I prefer to treat the camera as a palette, searching for the scratchy marks and scumbles that are made when the landscape is allowed to etch its way onto the canvas of the film.

Whatever it's about for you, go to it, find it, and make it your own. 


Anonymous said...

Hello Liz,

Love your work, you are a cool woman with wonderful energy and talent!

Speak soon.

Best regards,

Elizabeth Walton said...

Hey Ramsay, THanks heaps for your encouraging comments. Cheers Liz